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We’re happy to answer some questions you may have, and even happier to have Carson (the Bear), our Managing Editor and Interspecies Translator providing his insights and reflections on your inquiries.

Carson in a tree between research interviews in New Hampshire (2005).

FAQ #1: Why does it take up to 48 hours after payment for you to send the play? Lots of companies have an automated system that allows me to get what I want immediately. Sometimes even sooner.
CARSON: Good question. Due to the global economic meltdown, most of the grant money for literature based on fictional historical research has dried up. We had to decide where to cut back, and our choices included diluting the actual research or working with lower-tech approaches. We chose the latter.

Plus, I fulfill a lot of the orders myself, and my paws often hit more than one key at a time on the computer, so I make a lot of mistakes and correct them. This takes time.

On a more personal note, you might want to inquire into your relationship with immediate gratification. Where else does that show up for you?

FAQ #2: Isn’t $17.97 a little steep for a PDF that I have to print myself?
CARSON: No. In fact it’s a bargain. You’re buying a wonderfully fun experience that will add joy to your holidays for decades to come. It’s based on about 15 years of research and writing; it’s been performed, evaluated and revised, and it makes you laugh and works best in the company of people you like and love. Laughter and good company are good for your health, and your health is invaluable.

FAQ #3: What qualifies you, I mean as a bear, to engage in this research and translate and edit the testimony of all the animals? I don’t mean this as a personal challenge–I’m genuinely curious regarding your background.

CARSON: Not a problem. I get questions like this a lot. I’ve begun writing my story, and if you want to read what I have so far, click here (it’s about  how I got together with my humans and moved into their house). For now, I’ll just say that I’m committed to my ongoing development and the unfolding of the universe. I engage Integral Life Practice as best I can, and try to both wake up and grow up every day. Here are some photos from my practice:

Reading Sex, Ecology, Spirituality ("This book's bigger than I am!")

Daily sitting practice.

Working on "we space" with the love of my life, Hayes.

Ready to lift.

FAQ#4: Is Christmas Fun appropriate and of value for those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas? Lots of people (like me) don’t celebrate Christmas. I have friends who do, but I also have friends who celebrate the Winter Solstice, or Channukah (and spell it a zillion ways!), or Ramadan or Kwanzaa, or nothing at all.
CARSON: Wonderful question! The short answer is “Yes!” Christmas Fun, while it is based on the story of the first Christmas, in no way attempts to promote Christmas as the “right,” “appropriate,” or “true” celebration for what has become known as “the holiday season.”  In fact, a few folks who do celebrate Christmas have complained that Christmas Fun demeans the whole idea of Christmas. I disagree.
But to your point, I think Christmas Fun is an opportunity to laugh and have a good time, whether it’s among Christians, or among Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans, or anyone else who might enjoy it (and poke some fun at their at-times too-serious Christian friends.
Stay tuned for more FAQ!
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